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Digital Advertising

Google Ads

Google Advertisements is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief announcements, service immolations, product rosters, or vids to web druggies. It can place advertisements both in the results of hunt machines like Google Hunt and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Microsoft Bing

Bing allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on their device type and OS. It also provides the option not to display campaign ads on desktops, when you only want to target mobile users. Reach people in a task-oriented mindset who have a higher buying power, spend more online, and are more likely to engage with ads to try new offers.

Social Media Ads

Facebook Ads Campaigns

You Can promote your Facebook account, pages in this package.

Instagram Ads Campaigns

You can promote your instagram account from this package.

Twitter Ads Campaigns

You can promote your twitter account in this packages.

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

You Can promote your Linkedin account, pages in this package.

Snapchat Ads Campaigns

You can promote your Snapchat account from this package.

TikTok Ads Campaign

You can promote your TikTok account in this packages.

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What’s better than a win-win situation? Nothing! I love helping people through online advertising because everyone benefits from it. The Business, Marketer, Platform AND the Customer all benefit from online advertisements! This is why I’m so passionate about it and this is why I want to help you, yes you! In fact.. All of you!

We’ve run so many business in sales for 3+ years, creating more ads than I can count. Now we want to work from here and put our advertising skills to good use, so we got certified on my favorite platform: Google Search Engine.

So, We’re excited to help you grow your business, let’s do this!

Are you searching for an edge in the digital landscape? SEM SOCIETY is here to provide that and more! As a Google Premier Partner, we offer exclusive initiative-backed services – with superior results guaranteed.
Client is responsible to manage all the payment directly to Google, Ad spend is not included in my service fee.
No, even no one can guarantee sales. I can only guarantee traffic, clicks, and views. Buying power is only in the hands of the visitor and it cannot be controlled. Sales depend on your landing page, your product/service, pricing, competition, and other variables.
Yes, I can prepare weekly reports and if you purchase my monthly gig we can have a call every week.
The Ad Spend is separate from the management fee. The daily/monthly budget is not included in our services
There is no magic solutions! to put this into perspective if you do not have the right budget or a high quality product combined with good margins and a killer landing page it is very difficult to achieve a good result using a pay per click service such as Google Ads- Bing Ads etc.

During setup, I’ll work with you to find the perfect budget for your campaign. I always recommend starting with a small budget and scaling up. However, if you’ve got an ad budget of less than $1000/mo it might be difficult to see amazing results.

You can share your AdWord account Customer ID (10 digits Numeric) with me, I will request the access to your account, Once you approve the request I will have the access. Please do NOT share your own UID and Password. Or Mail id via share
In usually 3-4 months we start seeing %90+ good level of performance I can basically say. Even in the first month usually we start noticing some results.
First of all, I can clearly say your website matters. A high quality website with detailed product information, high quality images would definitely be a game changer.

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